Eggplant French-Fries

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1 medium eggplant
garlic salt
one half cup vegetable oil

Peel the eggplant, and then slice it up like you were making french-fried potatoes. Once you get the eggplant cut up, then you want to take a large plastic baggie, and fill it with mixture of flour, salt, garlic salt, and pepper. Then just place the eggplant into the baggie and shake it up. After you've powdered your eggplant, it's time to begin frying. For a medium sized eggplant, you'll want to heat up half a cup of vegetable oil on medium high heat. This helps to keep the fries from absorbing too much oil. When the fries turn golden brown, remove them and place them on a paper towel to drain. You can serve the fried eggplant as is, or pop it in the oven to keep it warm (this also makes it crispier).


I need a resipe and this is just what i needed
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Thanks for the recipe. Just what I needed!I have four eggplant from my garden I will use for this recipe.
Lenore, Williamson, NY

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