Eggplant in Garlic Sauce (version III)

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about 4 cups chopped eggplant (use cylinder shaped; should be chopped in about 1 inch cylinder shape segments)
8 cloves garlic minced
1/3 cup ketchup (approximation)
1 tablespoon ginger, minced
1/4 - 1/3 cup white sugar
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons white soy sauce
1 tablespoon regular soy sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese chili sauce
1/8 teaspoon MSG
3 tablespoons dry white wine
1/2 cup chopped green onions (green part only)
about 1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in water
2 tablespoons hot oil (add to finished sauce)

Fry eggplant in oil over medium heat, for about 8 min. When frying cycle was completed, the eggplant is dark yellow in color. After frying drain well and set aside.

Fry ginger and garlic in a little oil for about 30 sec. When you smell strong aroma, add ketchup and stir for a minute or so. Add Chinese chile sauce and stir well. Next, add white wine and simmer for a minute or two. After this, add all other ingredients except green onions and cornstarch. Stir and allow mixture to simmer for a couple of minutes before adding cornstarch. Just as mixture starts to thicken, add chopped green onions and hot oil, stir for a minute or so and add eggplant to sauce. Once eggplant is coated with sauce, turn off fire, remove from wok/skillet and serve over white rice.


Anonymous, Location not stated.

Sugar is killing Americans, making them fat and is addictive. Use Stevia, a natural herb sweetener found in health food stores, instead, for sweetening. Stay away from all artificial sweeteners too!
Anonymous, Location not stated.

perfect, so good, the more sugar, the better
Bradavicus, Beverly Hells

If you don't want MSG, that's okay. But please, don't type in caps. And one exclamation mark will do the trick, even to accompany false information. As to Stevia, well, the name alone keeps it off my shelf. Sugar's good enough for me. White sugar.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Fabulous recipe, just like our favorite take-out! We don't cook with MSG, so left that out, but followed the rest of the recipe almost exactly. Remember to mince the garlic very fine, or use a garlic press. And, to adjust hotness to suit your particular taste, use more or less hot oil and chili oil. Enjoy!!!
Joann, Portland, OR

Stevia is a natural sweetner derived from a plant. The Japanese have been using it for a long time. It does NOT affect glucose levels like every other sweetner. Sugar, particularily white, refined sugar is one of the worst things the food industry has created! Don't be fooled that this doesn't affect your health. Diabetes is on the rise!
Patricia, Location not stated.

Very very good. I'll make this one again. Hubby had seconds. I used Splenda and no msg.
Linnie, Arizona

why do Americans feel it necessary to adulterate fresh vegetables with 'ketchup' and 'sauces' - a nation yet to understand that less is more.
Anonymous, new zealand

Five star. I, too, skip the MSG
Anonymous, Houston, Texas

Far too sweet! It's more like a dessert than a main course. It might be bearable if you left out the sugar.
Fiona, UK

The idea of cooking advice from the UK is laughable. Perhaps they would like this recipe if it were boiled until unedible. As for New Zealand, stick to sheep.
JJ, Hoboken

I am on a very draconian diet for thyroid cancer treatment- no iodized salt- ergo no processed or prepared foods, no dairy, soy, etc. I modified this recipe to conform to my needs and it was a terrific change of pace. Many thanks.
Evie, Arlington, VA

How about more comments from people who actually MADE the dish instead of comments on the ingredients? I made it (also sans MSG) and thought it was very good. It was a little sweet upon tasting the sauce so I added a little more vinegar to get it just right! ;-)
JE, Texas

Someone said
Susan Hogarth, Raleigh, NC

OK, I see quote marks don't work here. My earlier post was in response to the person who praised stevia as 'a natural sweetner derived from a plant'. Well, lovely, but so is cane sugar. Too much of anything is bad for you - including hysteria.
Susan Hogarth, Raleigh

Susan H from Raleigh - get real!!!
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Hey, Anonymous, sydney, australia, Do the rest of us Americans a favor; don't attempt to speak for everyone. You're not qualified. Cheers
Michael, Arkansas, USA

What a pity that a brilliant web site is being marred by nasty comments about people & countries - and yes I am from New Zealand, but as a vegetarian I will stick to good cooking rather than sheep. Thank you for such a good site.
Bette, Auckland, NZ

while retorts are flying fast, nobody seems to be considering the fact the aubergine is a bad luck vegetable. particularly as a faithful wiccan, i must caution everybody thinking about savaging nature's purple bystander, and suggest a NATURAL aubergine substitute, the clenched fist of a dead ape, with a little shellfish dye for colouring. enjoy!
john moces, bugle, MAN

Although I enjoy the general shape and consistency of eggplant, I am often reluctant to eat it unadorned as it reminds me of a sea sponge. This recipe did a great job of disguising the bland base nature while preserving the integrity of the texture. No msg, substituted bit o' honey for the sugar, more garlic... I would suggest using tomato paste instead of ketchup, just because I think it adds some good acidity to the dish. But otherwise very good. Not monkey fist or anything, but as a second option very enjoyable.
Erin, Portland, OR

I'm with Susan from Raleigh, who is the hysterical one, Al Gore or Ewell Gibbons? Go hug a tree and sniff some ozone!
jim, arkansas

Spectacular recipe. Thank you. As for MSG, the chinese have been using it, from fermented soybeans, for more than a thousand years and there are more of them than there are people in any other country. So it is hardly likely to be harmful, guys. Perhaps good for fertility, though?
Anonymous, Location not stated.

If you want an MSG flavour enhancment without using the straight chemical, try mushrooms-- they're a natural, potentially organic source of the same chemical. With this recipe, I'd go with either shitake or oyster.
Ernst Bitterman, Central North America

Yes, by and large (pardon the pun) you Americans are, in the main rather portly, but I simply love your sense of humour. Keep eating the aubergines(Egg plant to you!) Bless you all!!
John, Sheffield, England.

Veryy good
Anonymous, Location not stated.

This was wonderful! I modified it some. I only had the big eggplant and tomaoe paste not kethchup ( used a little more wine!) No MSG for those of you who care. Used those little dried, HOT, red peppers and sauted them in the oil with the garlic ( I had no hot pepper paste ) You could really get ceative with this and get the same general outcome. Definetly a winner and I will make it again!
rachel, Casper

I came across this website because i was looking for ideas on how to cook aubergines. After a recent holiday in Turkey I was impressed by the flavour and texture of the plant. What a shame that this recipe and its author have been shown sure rudeness and disrespect from people using the site. Quite frankly, we all have a choice of what ingredients we will or will not use. That is personal! I WILL try the recipe as it is and should i find it is not to my taste i will modify it, not whine about it!!!!
Tracey, Newcastle, England

What a great recipe! I made it this afternoon (November 4, 2006). I had two huge eggplants (much more than four cups) so doubled the entire recipe, and it came out fine. Some people at this website commented about it being too sweet, so I substituted tomato sauce for the catsup and used 1/2 cup of sugar (remember, I was doubling the recipe). I thought the sweetness was perfect, so agree that it's better to use less than more sugar. What the heck is white soy sauce? I went to the Asian market and found no such thing. I stuck with regular soy sauce and was very happy with the result. Also, I didn't have any white wine in the house, so threw in some red wine. Still very good! I wondered if I would wreck it, but I didn't. I omitted the MSG, as I usually do with recipes and certainly didn't miss it. Someone at this posting suggested using mushrooms in this dish. I agree that this would be a great addition if you had any on hand. This is a great dish (as long as you can tolerate spicy food) and would be a fine entree for dinner guests. Enjoy!
Scot, Chicago

When trying out new recipes, I try to stay with the original recipe (so I can taste it as it was intended) before modifying it to my own liking (yes, I'll even use MSG the first time through if the recipe calls for it). One question, like Scot asked, What in the heck is white soy sauce?
Mary, Massachusetts

Love this recipe! One of our favotire resturant dishes and we can now make it at home. I chose to substitute some of the ingredients for convenience sake but choose to keep that to myself instead of ranting about it to the rest of the world. As for the person in NZ that thinks Americans are adulterating vegetables with sauces and ketchup, here's a thought...this is a Chinese recipe and highly authentic and, yes, I have discussed this with actual Chinese people! So, as far as less is more and we haven't figured that out yet in America perhaps you'd like to take that up with an actual American recipe and then we might actually agree. And, remember, Americans so frequently get verbally bashed to splinters and yet, when a country needs rescuing...who do they call on first? The good old boys in blue. But what does that have to do with eggplant? I have no idea! Happy Cooking everybody!
Marianne, Portland, OR

Some of you people are realy pathetic. It doesn't take much to bring the Nazi tree huggers out. OH!!! Don't eat MSG!! OH!!! Save a tree, but could you hold my place in the tree line whle I get an abortion!!! THIS IS A RECIPE PEOPLE!!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T COOK IT!!!
AA, Maine

You are all retarded.
Johnnymouth, Vancity

Patricia, the Japanese have NOT been using Stevia for years. I lived there eight years, and still travel there frequently, so I know what I'm talking about. In the U.S., it seems whenever some fruitloop wants justification for their wacky ideas, they claim the Japanese invented it first. Getting back on topic, this recipe reminds me vaguely of ma-po tofu, or mabo dofu as it is called in Japanese. I will try it, but probably substitute oyster sauce for the ketchup.
Japanophile, Seattle WA

This does actually sound nice, i will get my mum to make it. May i ask how aubergine is a bad luck veggie? I'm a wiccan, and i've never heard of owt like that. i think you're taking mickey, i hate it when people do that.
anon, ENG

White soy sauce can be purchased in a Japanese food shop. I LOVE this website. All comments are fun to read.
Sissel, Vancouver

Great receipe, left out the MSG and adjusted a few others. Great site for using the surplus eggplant. Amazing when we live in a free socity what crawls from the wood work. Respect each other and the world will be a better place.
Robert, Qld

Great comments. I'd have never imagined that a food site would be so funny.
patfromlogan, Location not stated.

If you do not want MSG, then you can use SAN-J soy sauce, it does not contain MSG and is al natural, found in good grocery stores. So you can have your soy sauce and not the msg, and YES, MSG is killing and does cause proven medical issues, and if you have migraines, there is a 100% link to them from MSG, be careful ,it is in everything LOL Mono sodium glutamate or AKA:
Anonymous, Location not stated.

What a hoot. I haven't laughed so much for ages. Thank you to all of you who commented on this recipe for a good 10 minutes of total entertainment. (I'm a bit of a slow reader.) :-)
SG, Macau

Wow, now I see how wars get started and people die. Like food, the world is full of a variety of people. It's what makes eating so interesting, so enjoyable. You don't have to like every dish... but if one day you found yourself part of the ever growing numbers of starving people worldwide, you would happily eat whatever was placed before you. And the hand that offered you that meal would be no more than the hand of an angel regardless of if he were portly or liked his meal boiled into oblivion. Peace!
Tracy, Caribbean

It's a lot of ingredients. It's true that MSG is not good especially if you have migrane. I rather buy the ready made garlic sauce.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

THIS IS TO THE YAHOO FROM NEW ZEALAND. i speak on behalf of all us AMERICANS (hope you guys don't mind). grow up and get over yourself. sauces can add flavours and if someone came up with something that calls for ketchup and it does the trick then so be it. different is different and that doesn't mean it's wrong. it doesn't mean all Americans always use sauces in excess in all foods. get your facts straight and stop the generalisations.
Anonymous, sydney, australia

Since when is Australia in America?
Laurie, Paris, France

I am allergic to eggplant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's true! (Just thought I would add to the mass hysteria and random insanity of the comments... Carry on.)
Violette F., nyc, ny, usa aka the americas

Great recipe, although a little less sugar for me and no MSG. Also to the person from NZ: please stop making ridiculous generalizations about nationalities and food. I made this and realized that this is a CHINESE recipe which is virtually identical to that used at many Chinese restaurants and to one which I have at home in a Chinese cookery book.
Viccy, Vancouver BC

Thanks for the comments. They brightened my day!
Sharon, Los Angeles, CA

JJ from Hoboken - how very amusing, that a resident of the country that invented the corn-dog and fried peanut-butter and banana sandwich, would criticise British cuisine! Funny, very funny. You ridiculous tw*t.
anti_idiot, Location not stated.

Japanophile, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Laurie from Paris said: Since when is Australia in America? Since March 1996, by my reckoning.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

I adore this site. I adore eggplants. As for this recipe, I don't use sugar (ketchup has enough of the sweet stuff); I don't use MSG (read Russell Blaylock's who's neurosurgeon,
witty flair, Los Angeles, USA

2nd part of my comment. Blaylock's book
witty flair, Los Angeles, USA

Do you realize that majority of you are using your
weep for humanity, The world

Oh, aubergine! How could you make people behave this way? People, please, stay away from the aubergine. I read that it causes behavioural problems. Side effects include aggression, agitation, and changes in behaviour. Aubergine, you should come with a warning label!
Zing, I'm afraid to say..

If MSG is killing then you better not eat italian food ever again, especially considering tomatoes and parmesan cheese hold the highest volumes of naturally occuring MSG. To be quite blunt, blind hysteria considering something you know nothing about is idiotic. MSG is nothing more than a form of salt, our tongues even have special receptors for it. There are no documented cases of MSG killing anyone, and if that were the case, China wouldn't have a billion+ population. Do some real research, because this is idiotic, there are plenty of sites that lay out the whole MSG controversy, fact is, all it does is make your food taste better.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Good Grief People! It's a cooking site, keep your opinions on health to yourself and let the rest of us decide how to slowly kill ourselves. you don't have to Control everything.
april, Location not stated.

Eggplant is in the nightshade family, as are potatoes and tomatoes. My dad was allergic to potatoes so no surprise that someone could be allergic to eggplant. Remember, at one time people assumed they were all poisonous. Very good reading here for a dull evening at home. I'll recommend this site to anyone needing a laugh, or a chance to vent.
VJ, Flagstaff, AZ

You all are kidding right....this is funny I came for a recipe and found idiot banter. If you don't like the recipe don't make it....quit worrying about what everyone else is doing and mind your own! Bigger problems in the world than sugar types, MSG and Eggplants from Hell. Since when do recipe/cooking websites get so bitchy! Chill-out and eat what you want and leave everyone else alone. Peace.
Anonymous, California

I am reminded of the war of the Big Enders and Little Enders in Gulliver's Travels. Worth reading (again, maybe) for anyone. Apparently, the aubergine was called Mala Insana (Apple of Insanity) when it first came to Europe (hence, doubtless, the Italian 'melanzana'). Just a thought. Actually, I love them.
Peter, UK, Location not stated.

have eggplants in my garden that are almost ripe and was searching for good sounding recipes, I am a bit of a cook and this sounds great. Thank you all for one of the most entertaining lunches ever.
john, boston area

Eat what ya want, your going to die anyway. If you are worried about your health, I suggest wearing a full face helmet and 5 point harness in your automobile.
Robert Sullivan, Location not stated.

What a brilliant site! Believe it or not I am a novice where eggplants are concerned, am returning from this teeny internet cafe brimming with ideas and humour to tackle the huge eggplant sitting in my kitchen which I couldn't resist in the market. Thanks for the inspiration.
Anne, Tobago

janet, boston mass

Well, my darlings, this is my feedback: MSG drives me and my kids nuts, so we don't use it. Some people are OK with MSG, and cheers to them, others are not, so they don't go there. It's all to do with how individuals metabolize glutamates. I prefer not to be up all night with a buzzing head. As to Stevia: jeez, use whatever sweetner you like, including none at all. The Food Police are busy eating at Dunkin Donuts, so chill out. As to Ketchup: USA ketchup doesn't taste the same as UK or NZ ketchup. I know because I have passports to all three countries and I have, personally, eaten ketchup in a public place in each country. Use crushed tomatoes/tomato paste as a healthier substitute. Since all ketchup is a variation on tomatoes, sugar and vinegar, just alter the amounts of these ingrediants until you have what tastes good. And, after all, isn't this what it is all about: taste, not tasteless comments.
Sian, NZ/USA

Great recipe! thanks for posting it. I don't use msg and I use the stevia. Optimal health for my family is the top concern and so far it's working splendidly. It's a shame there are a few bitter trolls on this site who can't seem to grasp the fact that they are likely overweight sick individuals who can't tolerate some good advice. guess they won't live long. if they don't care then good riddance to them.
tessa, Location not stated.

Absolutely hilarious!! I havnt cooked this dish, just stumbled on the forum and had a good laugh at the idiot comments. Some people need to seriously take a look at themselves, life is simple if you step back and enjoy just being. I think I might cook an eggplant today...

Eggplants are purple. This site has a purple background. Many people have posted angry comments. When someone is angry it is said that their face goes purple. Did I just blow your mind!?!?!?!?!!?
Shane, Canada

What a shame that someone's nicely posted recipe got hijacked by food fanatics....and a further shame that someone else had to make it
Mary, Wisconsin

Like another person, I just came here for an eggplant recipe - thanks all of you for 10 minutes hilarious entertainment! I can't THINK what the other recipes might reveal! I too have a large aubergine sitting in my fridge, and am looking for the best, most tasty way of preparing it - I shall use this recipe, sans the MSG, and think of you all, the New Zealander/s, the Brit/s, the American/s and the Aussie/s - did I leave anyone out? Truly the United Nations in session :-)) Eggplants will never be just eggplants to me.
Jennie, Australia.

White Soy Sauce Extracted from soybeans, widely grown throughout South East Asia. Soy bean contains the most protein of any vegetarian food. However, they are high in unsaturated fat. Besides the soy extract, Thai soy sauce contains wheat flour, sugar cane, water and salt. As soy sauce varies in taste throughout Asia, we recommend the usage of Thai products in our recipes. (From another website).
Jennie, Australia

This recipe sounds disgusting. Ketchup, sugar, it's a recipe to disaster. Why can't you just put it in a grill with a dash of olive oil, garlic crush, balsamic vinegar and rosemary.
Becky, Location not stated.

Becky: because that would be a whole NEW recipe...There are hundreds of different ones on this site, you know. Perhaps you should submit your new recipe to the site and whole new pack of idiots (or the same ones) can post their inane comments. :)
Carolyn, Vancouver

i loved this recipe, although a little bit oily. anybody have any suggestions on how to cook it without too much oil? i'm redoing this recipe today.
mayumi, Location not stated.

Live Love & Eat! Wolfgang was right about that. Why argue over something that is undoubtably delicious. There is nothing wrong with salt or sugar as long as you don't overindulge on a daily basis. And if you wanna blame someone about MSG and sugar....don't blame the consumers...blame the restaurants...especially Chinese.
jaike, south carolina

I think we'd all get along much better if we leave the eggplant alone altogether and all just go to McDonalds for a quarterpounder.
Mick, Raleigh NC

Thanks for the receipe, It was delicious! no MSG - I added agave syrup instead
Anouk, France

Thank you all for the suggestions for substitutions. This is my second year of gardening, previously there were a lot of prepackaged foods in my house. I'm still learning how to
Carol, NC - USA

My family can't get over how much comments on a recipe could be so funny.I was just going to dismiss this recipe because of all of the ingredients that are bad for my family but with all this hype I might just subsitute. I am really suprised that people are still defending msg. I really thought the verdict was in

I just happened onto this site from Google. Wow, it's been entertaining reading the many responses to a simple recipe. I'm glad none of you who so vociferously are against eggplant,live in my neighborhood. I'm a foodie and love the purple vegatable
alison, julian

I was hoping to find a recipe for eggplant that I could eat as the food items to which I am allergic in raw form I can often eat cooked. I am allergic to MSG and the result is anaphylactic shock and I have a great of difficulty breathing when my windpipe swells. I carry an ephedrine device so I can inject myself and then go to a hospital for further treatment. I see no reason to use a food additive that is designed to mask the taste of spoiled meat and vegetables in my cooking. Yes many restaurants put MSG in their food as does Campbells and Progresso in all their soups and it is also found in most salad dressings. As a result I make my own soup and my own salad dressings and don't eat soups or prepared dressings in restaurants. Many people have an allergy to peanuts and yet millions of people eat peanuts without any problems. No one thinks that these people are crazy. And to think that all 1 billion people in China eat food with MSG in any or all of their meals shows profound ignorance. Most of the food in American-Chinese restaurants commonly eaten by us originated in the USA and not China. I continue to be amazed that there are people who can take time to type to write on Internet posts yet cannot take time to verify if their prejudices and opinions have any basis in fact. Easier to explain in the past when people might have to travel to a library but no excuse for this other than intellectual laziness or bigotry at the present.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

Anonymous, Location not stated.

Pathetic! For those who hate aubergine - If you don't like it then why are you wasting your time looking at aubergine recipes? Get a life you sad morons
Cath, Bradford

I was just looking for a simple eggplant recipe, and to my surprise, to read all this racist and terrible comments,but at the same time there was a lot of funny comments in it, shows human being a weird species, we eat our own or support each other, so I hope we only can take away the funny bit of it and forget the nasty bit and don't become nasty too, Happy eggplant everybody, 'Ofaatu
Mele, Melbourne,Australia

up here in the highlands of scotland we marinate our aubergines in a good malt whiskey for 48 hours put through a sieve throw away the residue and drink the liquid
hamish, loch maddy

A word for all CAPS, loud and obnoxious people that post in caps are harmful to our hearts and soul as well. Not all people have to have the same beliefs. Try not to scream your thoughts and more people might listen. Have you no courage to identify yourself or location. Also, isnít this a site to share cooking thoughts regarding Aubergiens and not a political forum. Well Iíve said my piece, now off to the kitchen Iíve customer to feed. Skol
Ron, Eslov, Sweden

Hahahahaha. I can't believe how rowdy everyone is getting over a stupid eggplant recipe. Ya'll have obviously forgotten your manners and, just because I am American, it doesn't mean that I want anyone else speaking on my behalf. How embarrassing.
LisaMarie, Cleveland

wow this is awesome. i bought an eggplant as i had some friends over for tea and was making pizzas. this motley crew included a vegeterian friend who does not eat tofu, mushrooms, lentils, sprouts, and most other 'typical' vegeterian food. i bought my first eggplant, thinking it would be a nice addition to a pizza, but apparantly you don't just chop them up and put them on things as they are a bit yuk made that way. i never knew they were a bad luck vegetable, and that they could cause such hilarious debate. pretty much anything tastes good with olive oil, fresh rosemary and garlic on it, so i might cook it that way. i am so glad this is the first thing that came up when i googled eggplant recipes, as it has really made my day :) have a lovely day all of you, from nuclear-free nz xoxo. ps lower-case use intentional to get my point across - don't worry be happy
Rebecca, New Zealand :)

Very funny guys. Thanks for the entertainment!!!
Mandie, Queensland

To all of the MSG fearful - unless you have grown all of your own food & seasoning & eaten nothing else you have likely eaten pounds of the stuff - especially if you're American! It's in things that you would never even think of & as a chef I can tell you that most restaurants use it in one form or another - bouillon for instance! Furthermore, it's origin as a product is actually Japan - the Ajinomoto company to be exact - not China! Do they not have Wikipedia in the rest of the world?!? It's actually come to be known in the culinary world as 'the fifth taste' under the ultra-chic name 'umami' - as in salty, sweet, sour, bitter & umami as it is taught in culinary schools worldwide - so if you've eaten out you've eaten it & I bet you didn't even get a headache! Get a grip people!
Anonymous, USA

I'm from the UK and I live in NZ, but I can honestly say I've never boiled a sheep!

Wow not what I was expecting.. Now, I just remembered I had to make dinner.
Mike, Australia

As I made this delicious recipe for dinner tonight and stewed on all these hateful responses, I was inspired to pen a haiku for my favorite vegetable: Eggplant, oh eggplant. With good health, comes worldwide rage. Purple paradox. A little love people, for each other, and our vegetable brothers and sisters.
Sue, Peace & Hope

Apologies in advance to all who are offended by CAPS, BUT THAT WAS THE MOST ASSININE COMMENT I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!
Mike and Shelly, Chicago, IL, USA

i heard msg was being used by the taliban to divide mankind against each other. also, the rumor is that white sugar keeps the other sugars down, and that egg plants are actually alien babies, and when the adult aliens come back, god help those who ate them. also, ketchup hate was invented by the french, just what i've heard!
griffin, ocala, fl

Wow! THANKS for the fabulous entertainment peeps! I laughed my ass off with tears for a full five minutes - what a pleasure.
Heather, Calgary, AB, Canada

Well, my goodness! Just looking for a different way to do eggplant(OK limey folk, Aubergine!)In my 82 plus years, I hardly expected to run into such a large number of diverse opinions! Over a simple, purple veggie! Gadzooks, you folks are worse than some of the sourdough bread lists I am also on. Oh well, what I did was my own sweet & sour sauce, and did the eggplant as suggested. It was spectacular, and some different from my usual moussaka that I do. Will indee do this again, but with MY (WHOOPS) I screamed! sweet and sour sauce proven since I was first shown how in 1951 by a Chinese friend! Enjoy life, eat well, avoid over eating and live long and healthy! Cheers, old Doug in Beautiful British Columbia
Old Doug in BC, Nanaimo BC Canada

And there I was...minding my own biz, googling for a recipe featuring eggplant. I cook most nights of the week yet must confess, this KIWI is a newbie when it comes to the purple one. Then I found YOU...yes YOU. My first recipe I look up turns my head to the point of distraction yet not in the way I would have imagined. A little like Linda Blaire in The Exorcist, it spun and spun and its little wonder it didn't go flying off and smack y'all in the chops. Whilst a lot of you have been having fun and didn't snipe, many of you did, so here is my 2 cents worth. As a KIWI living in Yanklandia I will first defend my country of origin peeps. You are all so jealous of our fine sheep and dairy product you can't see the purple for the green. To the French person[s] Your country peeps may have beaten us at rugby ONCE and committed an act of terrorism in our country back in the 80's. Nevertheless, some of us still bow down to your cuisine creations and we don't REALLY hold it against you the fact that you still insist on devouring snails as quick as we dispense them from our gardens. To the Poms out there, what is going on in Corrie, is Vera still alive??? I hate not getting it here in America anddd they just cut Eastenders s few months ago grrr. Oh...and whats with those mushy peas and does one really have to go to a Ramsey kitchen for fine nosh? Forget I said that. YOU have many a fine curry house and to die for Kebabs...if they are safe to eat these days. Now the
Susan , Riverside CA

[HMMM...word allowance eh, obviously The Kiwi overstepped her mark.] So I continue... Now the
Susan , Riverside CA

am I censored? So I continue... Now the
Susan , Riverside CA

must be Merican site
Kiwigal, Merica

not BLOND or PURPLE :o)
Kiwigal, Riverside CA

Hahaha this is great. ive always have loathed eggplant until i started living in china and I LOVE chinese eggplant (the woman next door does it with greenbeans and its soooo good.) It went from being one of my least favorite veggies to by far my absolute favorite. I say heck yeah for msg but admittedly im biased as everyone know in the country heaps it on everything =P The one thing i would point out is that ketchup is generally a western food, and while i know it would be easier to get in the big coast cities, in most of china you really cant find ketchup anywhere other than the specialty western sections in a walmart or carrefour. So that part of the recipe at least isnt traditionally Chinese. just thought i would add that thought.
shaun, changsha, china.

You people are all crazy...
Paul, Portland

Isn't it interesting that most of the nastiness seems to have come from one person? Someone called Anonymous... that person lives all over the world apparemtly. No guts, Mr, Ms or Mrs A? The recipe is great, and if I leave out the MSG because I'm brainwashed, then I didn't notice that the dish was horrible as a result. I use raw sugar or honey in my cooking... none of that foul substitute will pass my sanctimonious lips! *sniggers* I grow eggplant (being a Kiwi I don't use French words like aubergine any more, n'est pas?) and what I added to the above excellent recipe were a couple of home-grown chillies including the seeds (jalapenos because they have a sweetness as well as heat) and a lot more garlic. Bliss... Anyway, take your medications regularly, you idiots above, and maybe next visit you'll be able to stay on the subject.
John Irvine, Colville, NZ

OMG!!! I just cooked this recipe and it was so poisonous that I died right on the spot. Do not cook this recipe! If you can, try to convince someone else to cook it for you.
Anon-0-mouse, USK

I also just cooked this recipe and it was so toxic it turned me green and gave me the strength of 100 men for 100 minutes and in that time I used my super powers to destroy all the MSG supplies in the universe....and then I used my x-ray vision to watch Christian Bale take a shower.
sheila, Australia

I added three times the amount of MSG, because it was too weak flavored otherwise. Overall, good recipe.
Joel, Location not stated.

I made this exactly as written using the lower amount of sugar and found it just perfect. The white soy sauce I found at Fujiya, a Japanese Sushi /Retail store here in town. Simple to put together and a treat. We'll definitely be making it again. I gave it 5 eggplants. BTW, great site...many delicious recipes from all over the world.
Denise, Vancouver, BC

Well I cooked it for my children's dinner and simply substituted or left out the parts of the recipe that weren't appropriate for us. Shock horror! It was rather yummy. Not as good as last week's aubergine creole (also from this site) but still loved by all who tasted it.
Amused, NZ

Ignoring 90% of comments...the sauce was incredible however, I guess I'm the only moron who doesn't know what a sliced 1
Chad, Atlanta, GA

For years now I thought I heard the eggplants in my garden talking about world domination...mum told me the sounds were just the hereditory voices in my head and to try not to listen...but it's true...the eggplants really do want to take over the world - hoping to set us all against eachother it was obviously the eggplants that invented the MSG as well. CHEERS! Personally I prefer to soak my eggplant in a bucket of old socks for a week or two then just throw the whole lot over the neighbour's fence and head off to the pub for a pint or two of a tasty, tasty beverage.
The Kitchenguy, Perth Australia

A question, if there are egg plants has any one seen a chicken plant?
Ian, UK

i love sheep.
Jim, New Zealand

What recipe? So much 'discussion' and very little relative comments made I have now lost track! And it's such a looooong way to scroll back to the beginning! What a hoot!
Heyjude, Stewarts River, Australia

Ran across this site while researching sources of anthocyanin. Hate eggplant but now I'll have to read every one of these recipes to see if they are as entertaining!
Anonymous, Tennessee,USA

Thanks for the great recipe and most important, for the fabulous entertainment! You should start a new blog. If a simple recipe can create this much diverse opinion and hilarious comments, imagine what you could do with a general interest blog. Well done.
LouMac, Melbourne

Will someone please till me how to cook the blasted eggplant. After all this chat I need a shot of whiskey with MSG. While your at it leave the suger
Joe, Stuart Florida

I own a cookbook entitled:
Mark , Edinburgh, Scotland

My, my. I bought an eggplant at a roadside stand and sought a new way to prepare it by looking on the internet for a recipe. Found what looks like a great recipe, in addition to comments from around the world....France, Scotland, UK, NZ, Australia and even someone else from right here in Flagstaff, AZ. Will try the recipe (pretty much as is) with an open mind....I won't use the MSG as I don't have any around and the general consensus is it's bad for you, right? Thanks for the reading; it was entertaining!
Claudia , Flagstaff, AZ, USA

what a hoot!!was off work today ,had three large eggplants in the fridge and time to kill!have never seen a site so hilarious and yet everyone so passionate about a little purple vegetable!have to try it now and will drag my husband to this site when he comes home to read this before we eat the recipe for dinner because this was just too much fun!!
natasha, riverside

I am ashamed to read all the nasty comments about MSG. Read the ingredients in sauces etc., Even the french fries in fast food restaurants have MSG. (seasoned fries). Do you see the Japanese and Chinese dying like flies, or fallen sick and become less productive? This is a great recipe. Stop being a health police.
Es, Missouri

The only thing I would mention is that some imported Stevia also contains Aspartame, so beware. Foreign manufacturers are apparently not required to disclose all ingredients on the packaging. What a great recipe however, thanks!
Anonymous, Location not stated.

This is one of my favorite eggplant recipes. I usually add ground beef.
Brianna, Littleton, CO

aye aye aye.. thanks to those who gave their personal tips, I myself like things a lil spicy so gonna go extra on the garlic and chilli since this seems to have proved successful for others. It's a pity I had to scroll through so much unimportant nitpicking to find the roses amoungst all the thorns. Mite pay to get a moderator on this site :) Cheers!
Elli, NZ

I was looking for eggplant recipes and found this site. You need a moderator. I am surprised that there are no many rude, tacky people in the world who have nothing else to do. Let's cook and eat, people. If you don't like the recipe, just say so and move on. Stop attacking others. Thank you and have a nice day. Oh, if you have a glucose problem, stevia and Agave nectar are good sweeteners.
Ann, Maryland

If an eggplant brings on all this...I wonder what a green tomato would do! WOW! If you don't like the material...don't use! it is my comment.
Alexandra, A Canadian in Australia.

headin over to the red pepper site to check out what's happening there!!!
magz, NZ

bwhahahahahahahaah that was so entertaining. Thanks for the laugh everyone.
amy, australia

Yeah, Baby! But I would never fry aubergine in oil, its like a sponge and one good size eggplant will absorb enough oil to run a tanker ship from San Francisco to Tokyo. I tossed it with some California olive oil (which is far superior to Italian or Spanish) and roasted it in a nice hot oven. Great recipe, ketchup and all.
Dan, San Jose

I have a glut of eggplant at the moment, they grow outside all year and love the heat. This site is a godsend, imagine being able to walk out of your back door and pick half a bucket of fresh firm eggfruit. MSG is monosodium glutamate and is a natural sodium salt of glutamic acid, which is present naturally in many foods such as tomatoes. I use it in moderation.
Michael, Queensland Australia

yum yum yum...we used Kecap Manis instead of regular soy and sugar (also omitted ketchup. I also salted and rinsed eggplants before frying-reduces amount of oil saked up. Thaks for a great (and highly variable!) recipe
spongy, Location not stated.

I haven't yet tried the recipe, but I am a bit worried about eggplant after reading about it. It contains nicotine so could be addictive and cancer causing. It is related to deadly nightshade so could be poisonous. It is related to potato so could be fattening. It is related to tomato so could cause ADD because they contain natural salicylates (whatever the correct spelling is). So my question is: could I substitute zucchinis in this recipe? We have zucchinis growing and MY GOD! you turn your back and the are taking over! For health's sake, give the old rampant zucchini a go.
Chrissie, Australia

The recipe sounds great so I will cook it with a little less sugar and miss out the MSG. Great idea for a website. The humble aubergine is one of the best veg along with garlic!! Crazy comments though but they make great reading!!
Paul, World

I so agree with anonymous from New Zealand, Ketchup, you Americans wreck everything with 'ketchup'! no offence! :)
Jonny, New Zealand

WOW....I like many of you others was just looking for a tasty recipe and I think I have found it! So I have hit the print button to take this recipe home for tonights dinner and low and behold 21pages later I have my recipe.Am now taking it to work this afternoon to share with team members and they can have the choice of the recipe or the banter!
Charlie, NZ

Isn't it amazing how many kiwis are commenting!
Mike, New Zealand

use MSG, use sugar. People who give generic warnings because they don't have a real understanding of why something may be good or bad are the real killers.
the_truth, Location not stated.

Can we turn off comments? They are turning it bl...y useless. Leave the ratings, lose the comments.
Anonymous, Location not stated.

LOL best entertainment ever
Bev, Bunbury West Aussie

too much falsified facts about MSG. here's some proof, fact #1: MSG aka monosodium glutamate was discovered by the Japanese. fact #2: the japanaese have the highest AVERAGE life span in the WORLD, followed closely by the Chinese. fact #3: all authentic asian cuisine involves MSG. bottomline: MSG makes your dish taste better and doesn't kill. source:
Anonymous, Location not stated.

MSG may not kill everyone, but a lot of people are allergic to it (yes, the same can be said for peanuts and strawberries). Food does taste different with it, but can't see that it tastes any
Gert, Location not stated.

My oh my. I was pretty depressed this afternoon. Looking at my huge purple friend in the kitchen making me even more so as I didnt know what to do with him/her. And THEN....I stumbled onto this page. A big thanks to everyone who made me laugh with their comments...jeez the world is chock-a-block with crazies isnt it? Certainly cheered me up though. Going to try the recipe too...
Alegria, Barcelona

I am laughing so hard I can barely type!!! Can't wait to give this recipe a try. Trying to explain to the hubby how a recipe for eggplant can bring you to tears and sudden outbursts of laughter. I am not sure what is good for you and not, but laughter is defnitely good for the soul: at least this old soul.Happy Day!!!!
sheila, ky

After reading all of the comments, I can see why the eggplant is considered a bad luck vegetable. It really brought out the bad side from many readers! I don't know whether to try this recipe because it sounded good, or never try it because of the incredible amount of useless discussion it generated!
Katie, York, PA

I am going to try this recipe sans MSG, ketchup, and sugar. That is my right as a person with free will. Please one and all do not judge other peoples nationalities and tastes. You sound like junior high kids. As an American who respects all nationalities, beliefs, etc that are not my own, I apologize. We are all not this way.
Rita, Illinois

Dude! How can you recommend we eat GARLIC? Garlic has been proven by Scandinavian scientists to be toxic and cause acne! How do you sleep at night?
Brian, Portland, OR, USA

OMG!! I am new to eggplant and sought recipes from the web. Can't believe all the
Jenny, NZ

Wow peeps. I am simply amazed at all the comments. Honestly, I had the impression that MSG was not healthy as that's the common perception. Instead of blasting a nastygram on here in ignorance, I looked up the facts from several well-respected sources, including Mayo Clinic. Turns out, for persons not truly allergic to MSG (rare), there has never been any reliable study that shows any harm from MSG. So, instead of perpetuating the false rumors and coming off as a ranting ingoramus, why don't you just look it up? You're already on the computer...
AA, South Dakota, USA

WOW; to find more than one kiwi able to spell, ; pom able to type, european able to comprehend; truly awesome...all about a berry from India.
bill, toowoomba

Delicious recipe, ridiculous comments.
td, Burlington, ON

I have heard that Eggplant is toxic when raw. Is it true?
Lynda, Yorkshire. UK

Back in my day people spent more time helping each other and banning together against the Red Commie Chinese and didn't waste their time insulting each other's preference for food. Why, I've personally fed 8oz of pure MSG to an infant with no ill effects. That baby grew at a slightly abnormal rate and eventually was killed in a tragic Grizzly Bear wrestling tournament (she was in the semi-final). All I'm asking is that we all take just a moment to step back and ask ourselves what is really important in life...(I'm asking myself right now)...Pie is really important. Pie is made of really healthy things like flour, butter, eggs, raisins, milk, brown sugar, gunpowder, linoleum, artichoke hearts, cabbage spleens, and cod liver oil. If we could only incorporate eggplants into a pie I would gladly shave my back and mail each and every one of you one handfull of hair. Peace out.
Myron Handerling, Souix City, Iowa

As far as MSG goes, it is not a poison or anything ridiculous like that. Yes, some people can be allergic to it but that goes for any food really. MSG has been attributed to stomach and head aches in some people but I, along with many people are not bothered by it whatsoever. Personally, I do not want to eat anything with MSG in it. I don't find it necessary in any dish and don't find it a very appealing ingredient. I would much rather add mushrooms or something in this recipe instead.
Dom, Earth

John Sheffield, lol, by and large you people have BEAUTIFUL smiles! lol
Portly American, Nonya

I made the recipe without the Aubergines as I don't like them. The taste? Fogget about it!
Tony Saprano, Bada Bing, New Jeisy, USA

As a practicing amateur proctologist, eggplants (Solanum melongena) bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the bane of my profession, the lowly hemorrhoid. no matter how delicious, I do not desire to dine on ass fruit.
Dr. Ben Dover, Mayo Clinic

My wife and I cooked this dish and loved it. We decided it was a keeper and will definitely cook it again. Our friends have the same kind of palate and we are planning with them in mind.
David, Oakland Ca.

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