Marinated Eggplant (version VI)

Canned, Preserved

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coarse salt
hot peppers
olive oil
peeled, sliced garlic cloves
fresh mint, finely chopped

Peel the eggplants, and slice thinly lengthwise. Slice again into thin ribbons. Place in a colander, layering with coarse salt. (Use a handful for 3-4 eggplants). Place a weight on top and leave to drain for 24 hours. Drain the eggplant. Mix one part vinegar with two parts of water in a large pot. Bring to a boil, and drop the eggplant into the vinegar mixture. Let sit 3 minutes and then drain, squeezing excess moisture from the eggplant. Once the eggplant is almost dry, place in a large bowl with the sliced garlic, hot peppers and mint. Mix in enough oil to coat well and then pack into hot sterilized jars, leaving a little headspace. Pour a little extra oil on top, and poke with a wooden spoon handle to remove trapped air. Seal with hot sterilized lids.


used this, sans mint last sept, jarred app. 20 quarts as it sounded like it was correct, it was, i used extra virgin olive oil and plenty of pepper flakes. the result, after spending many months in my wine cellar at 60-70 f. is an excellent, fresh taste that is excellent alone and in salads and on pizza. thanks for the
toby d, taylorsville, n.c.

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