Briami (version II)

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5-6 large zucchini, cut in 1 in. cubes
3-4 medium potatoes, cut in similar cubes
2 eggplants (the purple, zucchini look-alike) cut in cubes
1 can stewed tomatoes
3-4 cloves garlic crushed
1 onion, cut in large chunks
a couple of bay-leaves
1/2 cup oil (preferably olive, but any kind will do)
a dash of nutmeg, thyme
salt and pepper

Arrange (really throw in!) all the ingredients in your baking pan, and give them a good mix (another name for this dish is TOURLOU, i.e. mix-mix) and bake for about 1 hour at a medium heat oven keep adding a touch of water to keep the stuff from frying allow to cool before eating- serve with a generous amount of oil and juices and with some bread to clean up the plate!

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