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3 large egg plants, washed
olive oil
2 large green peppers, washed
white vinegar
1 crushed garlic clove
salt and pepper

Wrap the eggplants and peppers individually in aluminum foil. Bake them at 350F for an hour or more, depending on the size of the eggplant. They are done when you squeeze them and they are very soft and mushy.

When they are done, remove them and let them cool off a bit so you can handle them. Slice the eggplant down the middle and scoop out the pulp, putting it aside in a bowl. Do the same for the peppers, discarding the skins.

Put the eggplant and pepper pulp on a cutting board and chop it up finely. Return it to the bowl and add the garlic, salt and pepper, oil and some vinegar. Mix it up and give it a taste. You can add more oil or vinegar according to your preference.

Note: As an alternative, you can try roasting the eggplants and peppers in a corner of the fireplace or barbecue. This is my preference as the coals give the salad a ‘charred' taste.

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