Marinovannie Baklazha

Pickled Eggplants

eggplants (sliced into circles) – chinese eggplants
red bell peppers (cleaned and cut into eighths lengthwise) – equal number of eggplants and peppers
1 part vinegar to 4 parts olive oil
1 medium size head of garlic for each pepper and eggplant
teaspoon of coarse salt for every head of garlic
cracked black pepper
4 to 5 bay leafs

In mortar and pestle grind garlic and salt into a fine paste. Mix oil and vinegar together until they form and emulsion.

In a clean large mason jar place a layer of eggplants, spread garlic paste over it, some cracked black peppers and a bay leaf, place a layer of peppers, pour some oil-vinegar mixture. Repeat over and over until the jar is full. Pack the ingredients very tight. Close the jar – make sure it is closed tightly. Place it on the bottom of the refrigerator. Turn the jar over once a day (from the bottom to the top and back). It should be ready in about a week or so.

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