Dedicated to:

Bonni who taught me everything I know about eggplant.  Hers is a unique and charming homepage.

Peter who always assured me that someday I'd find something worth putting on the web.

Karen who doesn't like or appreciate or even give a chance to eggplant, no matter how many wonderful recipes we find. Her pages are an example of how good a personal website can be.




These are here for some reasons or another, all personal.  I'll leave the collections of food or cooking related links to others.
The best free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented Websites on the Net!

A Randy McKay Primer
Just because. In case you don't know he's a hockey player, and to me hockey and eggplant just go together. Of course, everything goes with eggplant for me.

WOW - Women of WorldNet
This is such a great bunch of women that I think everyone would enjoy "meeting" them.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
Before the commercial cooking sites, back when the web was small and virtually ad free, there was Mimi. Her site still has the flavour of those early days. It's a little funky, but  it's not overly commercialized or hard to navigate (like that awful Kitchen-Link - agh those frames!). Mimi was also a regular in on usenet. And she linked to me HERE - you can even rate my site there, well, if you like it....

Vegetarian Cuisine @
Well, she linked to my site HERE....  It IS a great resource.


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